Straight Drop

Sophisticated appearance, privacy made easy.

Straight Drop Awning has a sophisticated appearance and is suitable for low wind areas. These awnings are suitable for most outdoor applications from windows, doorways, undercover areas, or outdoor eateries, while inviting cool breezes with privacy and heat protection.

With optional fixing straps, you have the ability to secure on lower mounting points if and when required. The straight drop is a clever and simple solution making privacy easy.


Disclaimer: For protection against insects* and wind**  see features page.

Tru-style Straight Drop Awnings

Benefits & features

The technology behind 
Staight Drop

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HOOD HOLES:  Quick installation screw hole

BREECHING STAPLE: Stainless Steel easy mounting on surfaces .

HOODING: Colorbond®  steel

HOOD ENDS: Double protection galvanised steel & powder-coated.

BUCKLE: High strength buckle and webbed straps.



Ideal for large awnings and when you would like to operate more than one awning in one push of a button, set it to the time for opening and closing or connecting your awnings to a wind sensor then motorisation is the perfect choice for you.


For those awnings that are high to reach, or for those that don’t like to bend to lift their awnings, a gearbox option is ideal and very easy to use.

headbox styles






Tru-style Straight Drop Awnings

++Custom colours are available on all systems.

Built for 

to withstand the harsh Australian climate


Giving you peace of mind, our quality standards ensure you are getting the best value.

ScreenView 5% Fabric

Our ScreenView Exterior Screen Fabric has a 5% openness factor, ideal for maximum privacy while retaining views.

colour selector

Tru-style Under-roll and Over-roll hooding comes in a range of 17 standard contemporary colorbond® colours. The new Multi-roll hooding is available in 10 colours (highlighted by*). We can also offer custom colours.

Basic Awning (bracket)

ScreenView 5% 
exterior screen fabric

ScreenView 5% Exterior Screen Fabric is the perfect fit, complementing the range of Tru-style Awning Systems.

It offers sun and glare protection, and has been put to the test in high wind areas. ScreenView 5% Exterior Screen Fabric features fantastic outward visibility with just enough inward light filtration; offering a mid to high-level of privacy from the outside world during the day. Shades range from the light, natural tones of sandstone and pebble to the more industrially-inspired hues of ebony and slate grey while being backed by our 10 year guarantee

Style your Tru-style Awning with the perfect collection of screen fabric colours

For more information on External ScreenView Fabrics visit the stand alone website – COMING SOON

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